2018 consumer remodeling survey renoworks

How Will You Benefit From This Report?


This is the 2nd edition of our Consumers Remodeling Survey. The overall purpose of the survey is to develop a deeper understanding of the mindset of homeowners as they plan a home remodeling project and their experience when searching for a home remodeling services provider. Those within the home improvement industry, building material marketers, and those involved in all levels of the value chain will find key insights relevant for their business. 

Key topics we explored with homeowners in this report:

  • Challenges associated with their remodeling project
  • Use of technology while planning their project
  • How they obtain inspiration for the design of their home
  • How they research product and color choices
  • How they obtain pricing information for materials and price check contractors
home graphic renoworks visualization software

What's New?

This study adds to previous Renoworks' consumer studies by exploring the nature of homeowner motivations, and how today's homeowners approach their home improvement experience. 

Read the updated study to discover insights and opportunities to help you create new innovative strategies to engage with homeowners, market building products more effectively and grow your business.


Applications and Software Used for Planning Projects by Homeowners

Renoworks applications used by homeowners to design their home


Of homeowners cannot visualize building products like roofing, siding, and windows on their own home before construction begins.


of homeowners look to contractors to research building products, including roofing, siding, windows, and doors


Cite improving or updating the appearance of their home as a reason to begin a remodeling project.


Is the average score placed on the value of home visualizers, suggesting home design visualizers add value to homeowners and their remodeling projects.


Or more homeowners are unsure about how their project is going to turn out and how it will look with selected building products.


of homeowners said that visualizing their home with the natural surrounding is very important to them.

A Few Key Insights

  • Providing detailed quotes is a major opportunity for contractors, dealers, installers and sales reps to increase trust and assurance with homeowners
  • Half of homeowners are using technology to plan their remodeling projects; this includes using popular social media sites like YouTube and Facebook for research.
  • Homeowner audiences are more likely to seek
    information directly with manufacturers and manufacturer